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105ive Films Inc.
Company biography (maximum 250 words) : We are a creative film and development company based in Beamsville with a mandate to produce high concept feature films for domestic and international distribution. As a team, we are committed to creating high quality films. We believe that by fostering an environment where the values of inclusivity, reliability, fun, positivity, and open communication thrive, we can produce exceptional work that resonates with audiences of all backgrounds.


Membership Info

Additional Platform : Television, Other
Primary Platform : Theatrical
Other Production Model : 100% Domestic, Domestic + Int
Genre : Drama/Fiction, Other
Primary Production Model : 100% Domestic

Organization Info

Org. Twitter : https://twitter.com/105ive
Org. Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/@105ive
Org. Facebook : https://facebook.com/105ive
City : Beamsville
Organization Type : Production (crew, equipment, facilities), Other
Organization Name : 105ive Films Inc.
Province : ON - Ontario